Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chris Pureka

I had a kind of rough day yesterday. My race was stupid, and then my friend flaked on me. Twice actually, since she told me that she was not going to be in Buffalo over the summer and she didn't want to go to a concert with me because her money is better spent on beer and weed. So I was angry. Actually angry too, not peeved or annoyed.
I was determined to go to the show though, with or without my stupid friend, so I headed downtown. I got shut out of the advance tickets, so I was planning on buying at the door, but I accidentally went to Pearl Street when I was supposed to go to The Iron Horse, and this on top of my bad mood was extra not good. It worked out though, and I found the place only to be told it was standing room only, and the tickets wouldn't be on sale for another forty minutes. I wandered around a bit and got Herrell's for dinner. Ice cream is truly a wonderful thing.
I had never been to The Iron Horse before, but it's a decent venue. It was PACKED, but I was able to get in, so I didn't mind. I found a decent spot with a good view of the stage and finally gave up being angry so I could enjoy the show. It didn't matter that I was there by myself. I had a mental image of showing up by myself at the concert being like a bad dream where the whole of the rugby and crew teams would all be there, making out and pointing and whispering about me, but I actually only saw one person that I knew there, and she was by herself too. We would have hung out, but we couldn't both fit in my space and it was too crowded to find a spot big enough for the both of us. I didn't mind being alone though. I got a $7 beer (seriously. $7. It's just shameless.) and felt pretty grown up and cool.
I first heard Chris Pureka during Wilderness Training. The instructor was playing her in the background while we practiced setting up tents, and I was attracted to the fiddle sound. I asked Katrina what we were listening to, and then immediately looked her up online. She only has about six songs on her page though, and so I wasn't terribly familiar with her music before the show. I like going to concerts where you aren't a huge fan beforehand though. It's fun when a great show can turn you into a fan, and last nights was one of those concerts. I had a great time, and I got to have ice cream. and drink in moderation, and listen to some great music, AND be in bed by 11. What else can you ask for in a Saturday night? Well, friends that don't suck. But you can't have everything.


  1. You do go on about this issue. what's the big deal? You saw a good concert, you had a $7 buck beer, life is good. posted this link, and offered an accompanying anecdote: Around the time I got out of college, my best friend in the whole world did something that made me really mad. So mad that I just quit speaking to him. Not long after, I moved to another state for a job, and didn’t stay in touch at all since I wasn’t speaking to him anyway. A couple of years later I moved back to Houston, and I needed help carrying a really heavy armoire into my house. I called him on the phone and told him that I’d buy him lunch if he helped me move the armoire.

    We moved the armoire, went out to lunch, and our relationship has been in good working order since. That’s friendship as guys define it.

  2. yeah but did you read that link? it's about men and women being different, not women being wrong. my friend told me one thing and did another. i got angry. just because you see things differently doesn't mean what i felt wasn't legit.

  3. Oh, no, my very dear. You were NOT wrong. Hang in there. Ppeople get wise to themselves and then they look around at who real friends are. And there YOU are.