Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is Why I Love Smith College

What other college would shut down their library on a Friday night so a rock band of professors could play a gig in the lobby? Try and think of one, I'll wait. Of course nothing is perfect, and the group of rugby girls that I was watching the show with slipped out without saying goodbye while I wasn't looking. That was really not cool. We hadn't come together, but c'mon, tap me on the shoulder and let me know you're leaving if you don't want to invite me to join you wherever you're going next. Sheesh. But the rock show part was really nifty. I didn't know any of the professors, but they were pretty good. The music wasn't really my taste, but I love any live music.
It's just a good weekend to be at Smith. Today is quiet, so I can get some work done, but tomorrow should be great. Our rugby game was canceled so we have an extra practice, and then I'm going to my adviser's house for dinner, and then there's Arch Sing after that. I don't think I could design a better Sunday.

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  1. That does sound great! Don't forget to take a nice hostess gift.