Thursday, April 16, 2009

Barefoot At Smith

I went barefoot today to show my support and raise awareness for people that cannot afford shoes. It was interesting. Smith grass is very soft, but the sidewalks are much rockier than I had previously realized.
I honestly want to make the world better, but I am so invisible I don't know how I'm helping raise awareness at all. It is discouraging. People didn't even really notice that I wasn't wearing shoes. I think it's a vague gesture though, people possibly just assumed I am a dirty hippie.
I went for a short run with a girl from my child clinical psych class today. She's really nice, and afterwards we sat on rocks by the river and talked a bit. Some people were walking their white golden retrievers on the path, and the dogs jumped into the water to come say hi. It was glorious, I didn't even mind getting soaked by their enthusiasm. We also ran into an adorable puppy later, on the way to lunch. It was a good day for dogs. We got grab and go from Hubbard and ate lunch on the Washburn lawn, and a lot of people came and joined us. Andrea even showed up and gave me another hug. (The girl certainly hugs like she means it, I love it.) It was sunny and beautiful, and I felt really happy.
I'm not playing this weekend, and so my rugby season is effectively over. It's ok, this way I have the whole summer to get over my yips. Most of the girls are going to play in summer leagues, but I don't mind that I can't. Rugby is important, but I never wanted to take it to the next level really. I never go to national try outs, even when teammates do. I don't think I'll play after college. I love it, but it doesn't define me. I don't mind not playing this weekend. I'm still going to go and have fun. It was almost a relief when Ben announced the team and I wasn't on it, I had a bad week, and I don't think I would help the team. I can do better, and I'll show him that in the fall, but for isn't that big a deal to me. I don't mind the chance to heal a little, people stare when I wear shorts, my legs look awful.


  1. Now you'll have time this summer for tennis and/or golf!

  2. i'm going to be in utah all summer. i did buy a little rugby ball that i can bring to work on my bal handling skills tho :)