Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Big Sib

Smith rugby does something called Big Sibs, where a new player is assigned to an older player. We didn't do that at Geneseo, so I don't really get it. My roommate had a Big Sis when she pledged her sorority, and that seemed like another way to haze her, she had to memorize her family line and be ready for quizzing at all times. I don't think this is like that, but I'm not sure. I know that Big Sibs on rugby have some power to boss their littles, they get to share their water and whatnot, but because there isn't any hazing here I am at something of a loss. It's also unclear who gets to be a big, there are a lot of new vets that are freshmen, can they be Big Sibs for new upperclassmen players? It seems wrong to graduate before your Big. I got a clue about mine last night, she put a note in my mailbox. I guess I'm supposed to guess her identity. "Hardly anyone calls me by my given name.." That narrows it down to 90% of the team, everyone goes by last names. I have theories, but I need more clues. I hope I get another today. I know it isn't a senior, so that narrows it down a little. I don't have any strong preferences really, I only dislike one girl on the team, and she's graduating. I don't even really mind the president, despite our spat at Beast. It isn't her though, she's one of the few people that goes by her given name. I like having a little mystery, I'm glad they're drawing it out instead of just announcing it at dinner the other night.

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