Monday, April 20, 2009

Who Said Head?

We had a social practice today to celebrate Beast of the East. I'm glad Smith does social practices, it was something I really liked at Geneseo. It's slightly different, there wasn't a drinking component, we just went out for wings. Not that I'm complaining at all. I love early evening weekday beer pong as much as the next girl, but this was nice. We ate a lot, and hung out, but these things never last as long as I would like. We were supposed to get our Big Sibs, but we didn't. I'm curious about who I'm going to get, but I also suspect it will be someone that got stuck with me because they have to have someone and I was the only rookie left. I can't help the self-doubt, it's just the way I'm relating to the team.
The car ride back was depressing. One of our props apparently has parents that really lean on her about losing weight, and they're making her do weight watchers this summer, so this is her last summer that she's going home. She's a first year too, which makes me feel so babyish that I go home when she's going to get an apartment. But the point is we then got into a weight conversation, which is my least favorite of all conversations. I like to think that Smithies are slightly protected from all of the body image drama, girls walk around in the "Love Your Body" shirts all the time, and it's a really safe environment, but it still reaches us. And that makes me incredibly sad, especially when first years talk about how fat they are and how they starve themselves the day before weigh-ins. But then at the same time I check my watch and feel relieved that we ate so early, because now I can digest and have time to go to the gym and work off some of my dinner. Because I have been feeling really self-conscious about the way I look, especially because I bought a new bathing suit last week. I just want to protect people from feeling bad about themselves, but I don't know this girl well enough to really talk to her about this. I'm sad that her parents are so sucky though, that sounds like it's really hard.
On a slightly cheerier note, Western Massachusetts Buffalo wings are awful. I knew they wouldn't be good when we walked in, the place did not smell delicious. The not-Buffalo style were ok, but the Buffalo were not good. I took one bite and then just put it down on my plate. Spicy doesn't mean good, it was all power and no finesse.


  1. We went to the Anchor Bar for lunch today, where I'd never been before. Josh didn't like it at all. I thought the wings were okay, but not great, and the sauce wasn't spicy at all. Plus, charging $1.10 for soda refills? WEAK.


  3. I don't believe it. I think it really is Sandy.

  4. yeah i told you that coles is better for wings. i like really saucy wings and the anchor bar serves them kinda dry.