Monday, April 13, 2009


So things aren't set in stone, but I registered this morning. I'm taking Psychology of Personality, Learning and Behavior Change, Swahili I and II, Africa: Popular Health and Environmental Issues, and a nutrition class (if I can't get into Emergency Care. It was full, but I'm going to show up for the first class and try to get in). I'm feeling pretty good about things. It's a solid schedule, and I only have one day where class conflicts with rugby practice. I am meeting with the head of the Third World Development Studies department tomorrow to talk about my shiny new minor, and I'm taking care of my credit shortage. Now if I just need to find out where I'm living and I'll be all set. I really really want to live in Haven, Wesley, or Chapin. I'm probably going to have a roommate, but that's fine with me. I think it could even be a good thing.
Smith is really great.


  1. I'm sad that you aren't taking a class with Jay, but that does sound like a pretty badass schedule. It is so awesome that you're taking Swahili. Nutrition will probably be a fluff class, but there's nothing wrong with that.

  2. What is your picture darling? Are those topo colors?

    Your classes sound super amazing.

  3. it's a false color image of the moon.