Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I lost three elections today. B-side captain, social chair, and alumni sec. I'm glad I ran though, and I was nominated for some stuff that I didn't try for because I didn't think I would do a good job, but being nominated was nice. I'm already kind of pumped for next season, I'm not going to lie.
I swam twenty lengths today. I feel like Echo, it helps me be my best. I kind of ruined it with my late night cheesy bread, but I felt virtuous for a few hours there. Besides, I'm studying for finals, eating crap late at night is part of the process. Swimming was nice though, I'd like to do it more often. It's another example of things I feel comfortable doing at Smith that I didn't at Geneseo. It's a long list, including wearing party tops with soccer shorts because I need to do laundry. I'm a pretty bad swimmer, and I have to admit, I was swimming backstroke because I was breathing really hard and would have drowned if I had attempted front crawl. It was my first time swimming in a long time though, I'll presumably improve if I stick with it.

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