Saturday, January 10, 2009

Excellent Day

I think I need more direction in my life, I'm always happiest when I'm working at something. I woke up early for me (on a weekend) and went to brunch with Dana, Elizabeth and Nicole and their charming friends. I hadn't been to Panos since it was renovated, and while it isn't as homey as it used to be, I like the new layout. And the food is as good as ever, which is important. It was a nice brunch, I was almost bouncing I was so excited to be with my friends. People are really great, Dana and Elizabeth were telling stories about high school and I was laughing really hard, even though I wasn't there and I don't know the people they were talking about because it was still funny, and I was happy.

After brunch we went to Half and Half and browsed for a bit. I didn't buy anything, but I might go back for some peace sign earrings that I saw. I need more stud earrings, all of mine are huge. They made me think of Justine, from Geneseo Invisible Children, she wears a lot of peace-themed jewelery. Her dorm room is like a monument to peace, it's very cool. I didn't buy them before because I thought they might be a little silly, but I like them, and I think I'll go back for them.

I spent most of the day cleaning and doing jobs, but under my own steam, so it didn't bother me. I finally tidied my room and discovered that I have a floor! Who knew? I should've straightened ages ago, having a clean room is very soothing. I also started sorting through my stuff for Smith. I accidentally took all of my freshman year notebooks back to Geneseo this past fall because I didn't unpack my boxes, and I don't want to do that again.

I made eggplant parmesan, but my parents had already bought trout for dinner, so we're going to have it tomorrow. It looks edible enough though, and I had to do something with the eggplant, it was on its last legs. I sometimes worry that I won't actually ever cook for myself when I live on my own, I'll just live off of mac and cheese and popcorn. I like to cook, but it's such a hassle sometimes. Cooking today was pretty fun though, I put on a bluegrass cd my dad gave me for Christmas and had a nice time of it. I cheated and let my mom make the sauce, but I seasoned it, and I could've made it, I know how.

I'm listening to the Billy Joel song "Lullabye" and feeling sappy. I love this song in a totally un-ironic way, too. It's the sort of song that you could play in the car, driving home late at night, when you've been out having a nice time, and now you're tired, but still happy. Except I feel sort of self-conscious about liking Billy Joel, so I never play this song when anyone else is around. I would though, in that situation. I feel sort of skinless right now, like I'm completely vulnerable because I'm totally safe. It's a good feeling. I'd be totally fine with playing Billy Joel in front of people if I could hold onto this state of mind, I'll work on that.

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  1. I haven't been cooking for myself as much lately, and I do eat a lot of toast and noodles with cottage cheese. Largely it's because recipes make such huge amounts - I made a nice turkey barley soup the other day, but I'll be eating it every day for the next week. Plus it often feels less rewarding to cook for only one person, even though the cooking itself is pleasant.