Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting Ready

So now I have a single in Wilson. I was coming around to Cutter, but I'm really glad to be living in Wilson. It's a sort of remote location, but it's right by the pond, and I'm thrilled to have a single. Wilson is really beautiful too, it looks like Hogwarts. I have a good feeling about this. It might have been nice to have a roommate, I'm a little worried about making friends, but I think this is for the best. I won't have to worry about Flora annoying her, and I'll be able to have people visit *hint hint*. I'll make friends with the rugby team, it'll be fine.
I had my last day of work today. It was a long break, but I'm glad I worked as much as I did. I'll appreciate that money this semester. Northampton is a great town, there is a lot to do.
Canadian tv is great. Our cable is out, but I highly recommend the show "Being Erica" if anyone is looking for a Monday night show. And "Little Mosque on the Prairie" is always good. Canadian tv is so much more diverse than American shows, although I suspect that might change with Obama in the White House.
I'm really excited to go to school on Wednesday. It's been such a long break, I'm ready. It doesn't feel real, but I'm excited in a disbelieving way. I'll be at Smith soon. Wow.

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