Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I had the best New Years Eve probably ever last night. And I don't wan anyone that was there to feel awkward about that, or sorry that I had my best New Years surrounded by semi-strangers, because it's a good thing. New Years Eve is a very high pressure night normally, but I had pretty low expectations, and I ended up having a great night. I really like my friends' friends. I like it when people act normal and are ok being silly and playful and just enjoying each others company without any hints of drama. I loved playing games, Saranac Smack is so tremendously fun, I'm going to play it all the time at Smith. And as soon as someone reminds me of what the card game we played was called, I'll introduce that to people at Smith too, and play it all the time.
I was really nervous about going to this party last night, but it was great. I was a little shy, but I didn't feel awkward or fifth wheel-y, and everyone seemed ok with me being a big interloper and coming to their party. Even my getting home adventure was fun, I had never taken a cab by myself before. It was ruinously expensive, (just another reason to learn to drive I guess) but sort of exciting.
I've never had a New Years kiss, even when I spent New Years Eve with a boyfriend, we weren't at the kissing stage yet. I don't mind though, because I would rather spend an evening with a bunch of fun, sort of wacky people, throwing billiard balls and drinking sparkling grape juice at midnight.
So. Resolutions. I am going to learn to drive this year, come hell or high water. And I'm going to study harder. I liked studying like a freak during finals, it made me feel productive. And I'm going to value myself more. I had a solid resolution that I've already forgotten, but for now I think that's enough. So happy new year all.

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