Thursday, January 29, 2009


The whole campus is covered in ice. It's crazy slidey, but also kind of cool. It was starting to melt today, and I kind of wanted to shovel it. Shoveling giant sheets of ice is way more fun than boring old snow. A lot of little branches came down, but nothing major. What's kind of frightening though, is that giant avalanches periodically fall off of the houses. They aren't small comical avalanches, I bet they could kill someone. There isn't any warning either, so I'm being very very careful about where I stand.
I had a really good class today. It was tough, it was almost like being back in stats, I had to use my brain so much. I really like my classes this semester. They're interesting and I have lots of work, and I actually talk to my classmates. It's good stuff.
I just got back from dinner (Turkish night in my house) and my friend pointed out that we've been here for a week. It feels like so much longer, but a week is nothing. What had I accomplished after my first week at Geneseo? (I actually went back and checked on Jonesing) After my first week of Geneseo I wanted to transfer. I'm coming out ahead of the game! Smith is good. I'm making friends, I joined the rugby mailing list, I have a job interview. I was freaking out at dinner because I'm not volunteering and as involved as I was at my old school, but I just got here. I'll find my niche eventually, it's just a matter of time.
Meeting the rugby coach last night made me miss Colin. Ben seems like a great guy, but he looks like a Northampton soccer dad. Hiking boots, cargo pants, thermal shirt. He doesn't seem like the kind of coach that would come to the drink up or work as a DJ. I like him already, but it's an adjustment.

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  1. It took a really long time for that image to load (by high-speed wireless standards) so it was just scroll-down, scroll-down, ice ice ice. I liked it.

    SOS has a master-list of community service opportunities here: