Sunday, January 25, 2009

Smith Girls

My transfer group is really nice, I feel really lucky. I've only hung out with the handful of them that live in the Quad, but everyone is very friendly. There's one girl though, that I'm totally fascinated by. She isn't actually nice, but she looks just like a china doll. People do not look the way she looks. She has perfect strawberry blond hair, and her skin is so white except for the tiny bit of color on her cheeks, and she wears lots of white, down to white stockings. I don't like her very much, but I've never seen anyone like her, so I thought it was noteworthy. She also seems to live off of coffee and cigarettes, and she doesn't want a career, she just wants to be beautiful and educated and have a nice house. So it's a good thing she looks the way she does, she can go from looking like a doll to living like one too. I don't mean that in as mean a way as it sounds, but she's so strange. I expect if I were to touch her she would be made out of porcelain.
I went rock climbing today. It was really really fun. I'm going to get my belay certificate on Tuesday and then I'll be able to go all the time. It's a great wall for bouldering, but now my shoulders are sore.
I keep saying I'm nervous but I'm not really. Everyone is so nice here, I'm excited for classes. I need to talk to some professors, but I think I have a good schedule planned.
I missed Geneseo last night. We were trying to find something to do, but there weren't any parties or over/under bars and there was nothing to do. We wandered around in the freezing cold for about an hour, then went home to our separate houses. I watched Dragonheart online, which was all well and good, but I was a little homesick for the IB and my ruggers. I'm sure things will pick up when the semester starts though.


  1. Who wears white stockings? I think that girl sounds intriguing. If you were to become obsessed with her and stalk her for a while, maybe to the point of imitating her, we could write a neat short story.

  2. i'm glad you think she's intriguing too, no one else in my group seems to have noticed how strange she is. her room looks like it belongs on the titanic, i think she must be an evil doll that came to life. or a ghost.

  3. Her room is filled with water?