Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Romance Novels

There's a box full of bodice-rippers in the kitchen at work, and I've been enjoying them greatly. I know they're silly, and kind of soft-core pornographic, but they're fun, sort of like reading tv. I should be expanding my mind to prepare for all the smart pants Smithies I'm going to meet soon, but it's hard to read good things in tiny bites. These books are sufficiently embarrassing so that I don't want to devote too much time to them and they last for lots of lunch breaks. They're enjoyable too, I like the clunky plot twists and the predictable storyline. They remind me of the Margaret Atwood novel Lady Oracle. They're all sort of the same, it would be pretty easy to write a lot of them if you had written one. I wish they made subtler covers though, like the adult covers for Harry Potter, it's embarrassing to be seen reading a bright pink paperback with a heaving bosom-ed woman and a hunky, long-haired Fabio.

Everyone in the office was called into a meeting earlier today. It took me a pretty long time to realize that I was the only person around (working hard, you know), but it was very startling once I did notice. I was sort of worried that there had been a gas leak, or a cholera outbreak like in The Secret Garden. Then, I was worried that the Rapture had come and I was left behind. It was very dramatic.

I wish I had paced myself more with the Buffys, I watched them all already, and now I want season five. It's very tempting to buy it, especially since I got paid yesterday. I shouldn't though, and I won't. I might buy some Invisible Children stuff though, I should start learning all about everything Ugandan if I'm starting a club at Smith. I liked slowly learning about things, in a non-founder capacity, but this is good too. I'm not even remotely in the mood to watch a depressing movie about child soldiers anytime soon, but it's important. You can't get to the fun bead-making until you know why you're making the beads.

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