Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So there I was, planking around online, when my old Stage Musicals TA Aaron IMed me. We used to talk online fairly regularly, but I hadn't heard from him in awhile, and so I figured he had lost interest since I no longer go to Geneseo and so cannot attend his performances. I never really thought we were friends, so I didn't say goodbye or anything, even though I always liked him, but he apparently didn't get the memo that I had transferred. He actually IMed me to invite me to his senior recital, which I thought was incredibly sweet. I'm sad that I can't go, I like his performances; they tend to be hammy, and I think endearing. We ended up chatting for a decent while, and it made me wonder if maybe we actually were friends. And then I felt bad for not saying goodbye. What do you say to those people though, the ones that you like, but don't hang out with, and don't know well? I wouldn't have done things any differently if I could have a do-over, it's too often the case that acting like you care about people is "creepy". Still, he's a nice guy, I'm glad I knew him. Maybe we'll keep in some sort of touch, our relationship was mostly online anyway. He wants to write musicals, and I really like the idea of someday going to see one of his shows on Broadway. Or if that doesn't pan out and he goes on to Plan B, I'll watch his news show. Either or.

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