Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I saw the posters for the OK GO concert a few weeks ago in the Campus Center and made a mental note of it. I had a vague idea of getting a ticket and going, but I didn't want to go by myself, and so I ended up forgetting about it. I thought that would be the end of it, but I had dinner with some girls from my hall tonight. It was Irish Night, which was fun, but it turns out that too much soda bread makes you feel incredibly sick for hours and hours. But that's another story. The girls were going to the concert, which turned out to be tonight, and they invited me to come with them.
We got there just as the first opening act was wrapping up. The second act was Longwave, and ok. Opening acts have the potential to be terrible, and these guys weren't. They weren't great either, all of their songs sounded the same, but I enjoyed them. The drummer looked a lot like Jason Schwartzman, so I was happy. The lead singer made me think of Roger from RENT, he seemed the way I imagine pre-HIV+ Roger, so kind of cocky and annoying.
OK GO was so good. I'm not super familiar with their music, but they were darn fun. They were also adorable, they were all wearing gray suits and looked like they were channeling the young Beatles. It might have been the best concert I've ever seen. They opened with a quiet, acoustic song and then just exploded into crazy fun loudness. I was right by the speaker and the noise was forcing my heart to beat in time to the music it was so loud. They joked and bantered, and played a lot of fast songs that are good to dance to. I read on Stuff White People Like that white people like to stand still at concerts, and so I made a point of dancing a whole lot to show how it doesn't apply to me. They fired the confetti cannon THREE times, and threw plastic tambourines into the audience like frisbees, and they played "Don't Ask Me" and "Here It Goes Again" back to back, so I got to sing and jump around a lot. They also played a song on handbells, which was super cool. They only played one really slow song, but it was so pretty I don't think anyone minded the break from jumping and yelling. I can't find it online, so I'm guessing it's on their new album. I had an awesome time. The girls I went with had a great time too. They're really funny, and very creative dancers. I don't know them very well, but I like them a whole lot, especially now that they invited me to this awesome show. It was a great night, I'm really happy.


  1. We saw OK GO open for TMBG many years ago and they were great!

  2. OK Go puts on an amazing show ... I saw them in Noho my sophomore year and they did a cheerleading pyramid, a duet from les miserables, and lots of other fun stuff. Where was the concert?

  3. Gr, the above was me, EGA - Josh was signed in on my computer.

  4. it was at pearl street. josh goes by sandy online? hm...