Saturday, March 14, 2009

No Place Like Home

I never really think about missing Buffalo until I come back. Sure, I'll occasionally bemoan other places' lack of Mighty Taco, but I don't think "God I wish I was in Buffalo", as much as "I sure could go for lots of cheap Tex Mex right about now". As we drove into the city last night though, I was literally bouncing on my seat, I was that excited to be back.
The trip back was the shortest I've ever had, thanks largely to the driver's impressive speeding. I got a ride with a fellow CHS alum that goes to Amherst, which worked out great. We were never good friends, or even friends at all, but he always seemed like a class act. He has inoffensive taste in music too, and while I thought the levels of pretentiousness were a bit high (three Amherst students, each with an iPhone, and both boys were wearing blazers and wool Amherst baseball caps. Plus, the girl was wearing a sort of floppy green hat that I imagine Claude Monet would have liked for gardening. Plus, you know, me.), but not unbearable. It was nice to be around boys in this kind of setting. One was driving, and the other was sleeping, and so I got to enjoy their company without really having to talk to them very much.
Since I've been home I have had delicious red beans and rice, watched "Dollhouse" with my family, and run a 5k in a decent amount of time. These have all made me very happy and relaxed, and so this break is so far a success. Later I am going to try a new recipe for roast chicken, and then I am finally going to see Coraline. Break is great.

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