Monday, March 9, 2009

Green Apples

I had a kind of rough day. I woke up to sleety snow when I had gone to bed with beautiful spring weather. The series finale of The L Word aired last night, and so I looked for it online, but the video on youtube cut out the last ten minutes. Rather than leaving well enough alone, I searched around online, and got hit with wicked amounts of spyware. Tech services at Smith isn't supposed to help you if you didn't buy your computer through the school store, but the guy helped me anyway, which was incredibly wonderful of him. He fixed it, and so he is my hero.
The day wasn't completely bad, I even got my rainboots in the mail. They are very beautiful, and they have the additional benefit of being a standard issue item here at Smith. I like having original stuff, but there's a certain undeniable pleasure in having something that everyone else has, and everyone here has rainboots. Some people have practical forest green, some people have funky colors, but everyone has them. I opted for funky colors, my boots are covered with stained-glass style roses, like in Beauty and the Beast. Aside from the joys of conformity, rainboots are also darn practical, especially when it insists on snowing in March. I walked through slushy snow and mud without soaking my jeans, which is nothing short of amazing. My life will never be the same.
There was a really nice picture of Joshua Jackson in the Style section of the Sunday Times yesterday, and now it's on my wall. I bought the paper expecting to cut out a lot of pictures for my walls, but my Arts section was sadly crumpled. It was worth it though, I've really missed having a physical copy of the newspaper. Reading it online doesn't even come close.
I took a bunch of green apples from the dining hall at dinner tonight. They remind me of Geneseo, all of my friends love green apples. I don't actually, I prefer red, but greens tend to be less mealy, which is nice. They're sitting on my bookshelf, next to my ceramic bananas, and they look quite nice.


  1. I've seen those rain boots. They are fabulous.

    I saw a girl walking today that was your butt-twin. SERIOUSLY! I was freaked out for a second- it was one of those moments when you know something is wrong, but you don't have the cognitive power to figure out what it is instantly because you are so taken off guard. She had your SAME body(from the back), but crimpy long hair. Weird.

  2. so she was statuesque and shapely? that actually was me, i grew and crimped my hair as a disguise so i could freely wander geneseo as my alter ego emma. i didn't really transfer. now that i've told you this though, i'm going to have to kill you.

  3. ha! I knew it... it was all a ruse!