Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Nothing feels like rugby. I'm in the best shape of my life, or something like, and I'm still dying from practice yesterday. It hurts to put on my shoes. I got off my bed wrong and twinged my back. My right knee is troublingly unstable. But I'm happy, that counts for a lot. And I know my muscles will harden eventually.
There's a rugby social event this Friday. Our first game is Saturday, and two girls have birthdays this week, so we're having a team dinner. I'm going to make the sausage buns my dad posted about awhile ago. I hope I'll have access to spices, I don't want to buy whole containers of spices if I don't have to. It's exciting. I think I'm going to like the team. They're all dating each other, but it doesn't seem too dramatic. We have a social with Yale after the game on Saturday. I don't think I'm going to drink, I never got into the whole afternoon drunk thing, but I can't drive because I don't know how, so I feel like it isn't fair to the DD girls if I don't. Sort of like "eat your peas there are starving kids in China". Not that I think that's a good enough reason to do something I don't want to. With drinking. I'm totally anti-wasting food.
This week is going too quickly. This semester is going too quickly. I'm not ready for it to be summer, mostly because I can't run 13 miles yet. And I'm not where I want to be with my grades. I need more time. I feel like that's going to be the story of my life.
My whistle still hasn't arrived. It makes me sad. I want to wear it around so people ask me about it and I can tell them about Falling Whistles and then get them to join Invisible Children. And yes, that is my Master Plan.

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  1. What a tickle to hear about your twingy back and achy muscles from the beginning of rugby season. Try being 75 and playing tennis with women in their early 50s. THEN you will know from twingy backs and achy muscles! But think of it this way...if you keep up the training and work-outs and such, some day your genes (my genes?) will let you enjoy sports right through another...let's see...50+ years if all goes well.