Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mystery Girl

There's a girl in my hall that I am sort of curious about. I've never seen her outside of Wilson, and I've never seen her dressed in anything but the same pair of Eeore pajamas. She doesn't speak, and I don't know her name. When I see her at meals she is eating by herself, and she is usually eating the same thing, four or five plain English muffins. She lives on my floor, so she must be a first year, but she doesn't seem like the other first years. She's sort of unkempt looking, maybe because I've never seen her in real clothes, but she doesn't seem like she belongs in college. There's a seventeen year old sophomore on the rugby team that seems older than this girl. (Honestly, seventeen. She looks like Neville Longbottom too, which I don't mean in a bad way as much as a descriptive way. I'm not saying she's unattractive, because that isn't it. She's just very butch, but in the way that makes her look like an adolescent boy. (Please no one yell at me for trying to be descriptive. I don't really get the whole butch thing. I know it isn't trying to be like a man, but I don't know what to make of her.) She's nice, I like her, but she makes me feel very dumb and old. I'm twenty and a sophomore. I'm three years older than her! She was sixteen when she started at college!) But back to this girl in my hall. My interest in her doesn't extend to wanting to talk to her, but I think she's interesting in her own weird way. Even Meg, the astonishingly friendly House President doesn't talk to her, which makes me wonder if she even exists. Meg is so friendly I can't imagine her not talking to this Eeore girl if she could see her. Maybe I've just gone round the twist. Probably not.
Sidenote: Did anyone ever see that old show "Round the Twist"? I thought it was Canadian, but a quick Google showed that it was actually Australian. Not to be all erratic in my thought processes, but the expression made me think of it. I don't actually think I'm imagining this girl, I think she's probably just a little socially neglected because she's so quiet and sort of greasy looking. Maybe I'll talk to her.


  1. You should get to know her. Strange people are my favorite. Mysterious strange people are even better. IF you ARE going to talk to her though, you should learn how to spell the name of the character on her pajamas. Eeyore.

    Geez, Caroline.

  2. And it's "...older than she". if we are correcting the printed word there at old intellectual Smith.

    Maybe the conversation could start with the Eeyore thing. He was my absolute favorite Pooh character...How very like me", I sigh, gloomily.