Monday, March 2, 2009


Another sophomore at Geneseo died over the weekend, that's two this year. I'm not sure how he died, but someone said something about pledging, so I'm guessing it was alcohol-related. I want to wrap all my friends in bubble wrap, or stick them in tupperware, people are so fragile. This guy was Clarence's roommate last year, that's too close to my network for comfort. I have a vague memory of going to Clarence's room and seeing this boy playing a video game with his girlfriend. Even if Clarence didn't like him and they fought about hot sauce and condoms, it's still so sad that he's dead. I didn't know the girl that died in the fall at all, but this person had connections to my life. He lived with my good friend, and he was good friends with my friend Marie. And this holds up another upsetting mirror to the world I want to treat as normal. So many of my friends engage in risky drinking behavior. I don't think about it as being dangerous most of the time, but it is. And in two weeks they'll be binge drinking on Spring Break, the two for one deal. I don't want anything to happen to them. Losing two people from a year is a lot, Geneseo isn't that big. I just want people to be safe. It's so easy for bad things to happen. Most of my close friends are pretty careful, but just going running outside with your iPod on, or going out to a party can kill you. That's really scary.

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