Wednesday, March 11, 2009

History Voices

We did a sort of reenactment of the Lateran Counsel today in The Makings of the Medieval World. I got to be future Pope, and friend of Francis Assi, Cardinal Ugolino. It was pretty fun, we wandered around the room, making allies and discussing our agendas. Everyone was taking it very seriously, and talking in their special pretentious historical voices, with trace amounts of accents. I thought this was hilarious, and so I talked like myself, but my really enthusiastic self ("Have you heard about Brother Francis? I can tell you know, he's going to be big, tell your friends." etc.) Weirdly enough, people didn't seem to appreciate this, but I had fun, and the professor didn't mind. Another girl from my hall is in my class, and she was taking the whole thing super seriously. She kept pulling people out of conversations to grill them about the alliances they were making, and what their position was on issues. I think she dubbed herself personal envoy to the Pope, and after the Pope gave her speech this girl made one too. It was funny, but kind of annoying too. She's nice, and she looks like a John William Waterhouse painting, but she was a little much today. Still and all, there's something very sweet about a roomful of girls pretending to be a bunch of Medieval leaders.

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  1. I really love that a bunch of women should have been Cardinals and Pope and so forth. On that day,in real life, the Church will really have gotten the message!!!