Friday, March 6, 2009

More Brain Issues

Walking to the gym today it occurred to me that I always feel slightly guilty when I'm consciously happy at college. I think it's probably carry-over from last year. It's sort of screwed up, and it makes me wonder if I would make a good therapist afterall. I don't mind the guilt per se, that is, I don't blame anyone, but I can kind of see CWB's point about how we were too in each other's skin. I don't know, I think things were handled badly, but hindsight is 20/20. Now all I can do is try to be aware of this guilt and get over it because I know I deserve to be happy.
I'm in the middle of a Jude Law marathon. It started with Cold Mountain, and today I watched Closer. I love that movie, but it's sort of insane. It makes adult life seem deeply depressing, even the woman that gets to be with Clive Owen is miserable. I have I Heart Huckabees for later, and I'm kind of excited. I hated it the first time, but maybe I'll like it this time. I love Jason Schwartzman. But first, a shower.
I bought two posters today at the surplus store. My Chagall poster has decided it will never stick to the wall again, and so I gave up on it. I like these new posters, one of them is a man made of vegetables, like in the book The Three Golden Keys.

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