Thursday, March 5, 2009

Confused Thinking

We're studying eating disorders in Child Clinical Psych. It's depressing, but I know a lot of it already because it's been so covered in Health, Abnormal, Child Development and Adolescent Development. It makes me feel very conflicted, because the pictures of women with anorexia are gross, but they make me feel very fat. I know I've been more aware of what I eat since we've been on this section. Smith women come in all shapes and sizes, but apparently there's an issue with women here exercising too much. And not in a women-can't-run-marathons-because-their-uteruses-will-fall-out way, in an unhealthy, compulsive exercising way. What I think is interesting though, is that you are allowed to swipe your card into multiple dining halls for every meal. (When every meal costs $11 they had better make a lot of food available I guess.) I had a professor at Geneseo describe how people with bulimia would go to all the dining halls because they could binge and no one would know how much they had eaten. I wonder if that's a problem here. We had a guest lecturer in class today (Lauren Greenfield), and she said 1/7 women have eating disorders at some point. I know...two former bulimics off the top of my head, one girl that has had issues with anorexia, there are probably more that aren't as upfront about their illnesses, but still. It's shocking.
Anyway, I feel bad though, because I'm seeing JA this weekend, and my first instinct when he told me he was going to be in town was "I wish I had had more notice, I would've eaten less this week." And worked out more. Also my knees are all scabby, and I'm kind of broken out, but the food thing was the first thing that occured to me. "Now I need to get to the gym tonight and work off my dinner." That's so not the way I should think. I'm excited to see him though. He said he would take Flora for break, which is a great weight off my mind. I'm glad he's coming, I had sort of given up on him.


  1. I think you can swipe your card at multiple dining halls so that if you don't like what one house is having you can go to a different house. Although I guess that when all the houses served the same thing my first year you could swipe several times. But I don't know if it's a policy issue or just the swipe card technology.

    You really shouldn't be thinking about eating as something to do more or less of depending on how you want to look at a particular time. You're active; make healthy choices and eat slowly until you're satisfied. It's not that difficult, especially when you live in a place where meals are served at specific intervals so you can't mindlessly graze all day.

  2. wow..these women are not bulemic or aneroxic,,this is how women should look....not is what is in our genetic programing to find attractive..not fattie swith saggy cellulite butt...I am a physiologist and spent years studying the topic.. u no doubt have adistorted view of what is healthy..every 5 kg of fat is a 14% increase in ur breats cancer mortality

  3. mmm well also would like to add comment that as a athletic male these are the kind of women i have always dated..and they are is also a myth that beautiful women are dumb...fact is through the centries they have had teh pick of who tehy bred with and that tends to be high status intelligent their offspring tend not only to be aesthetically blessed but also by intellect..teh difference between the way tehy look and u look is food choices..and gues is if u think tehy are belemic u ur self are a fatty with cellulite butt