Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Web is a House for a Spider

It's good to be back at Smith. The ride back was sort of fun actually. It was just Woody and me, which I thought would be awkward, but wasn't. We were able to talk for most of the ride, and it wasn't uncomfortable when we eventually fell quiet. We got pulled over for speeding, but it wasn't a huge deal. 85 in a 60 zone, pshaw. I made a terrible showing when he asked me what kind of music I like, but I didn't care. I feel surprisingly unselfconscious around Woody. He wouldn't take any money for gas, which I thought was nice.
Now I'm back in my room. Flora is all set up at the foot of my bed, and I had a nice dinner with a bunch of girls from my floor. I feel really good about things. Rugby starts tomorrow, and I have the whole evening to get where I need to be as far as work.

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  1. If Old Woody is going to go around driving at 85 mph (!!!) he doesn't deserve any money for gas. Doesn't he know that you can get where you are going no more than 20 minutes later if you never exceed 65 and save lots of gasoline in the process?

    This is not very ecologically responsible AND he's endangering somebody I care about.