Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm someone that loves to eat, I don't mind admitting it. I enjoy food. The food at Smith is pretty good too, and I've gotten into an eating schedule that seems to work. I have energy to do my work and exercise, I eat dinner early because it's better for you, it's a good routine. Fasting today was not fun. I was ok for the morning, even though I'm big into breakfast. I figured I would just sleep late, so that worked out in my favor actually. Everything was fine until I went to Mass to get my ashes. A communion wafer is probably like one calorie, but it was enough to make my stomach growl all through Geology. It was sort of embarrassing, even if I don't know that anyone could hear it. The dinner options weren't great tonight, so I decided to just eat in my house because it was easiest. Breakfast for dinner is a lot less fun when you can't have the hot cross buns or chocolate chip pancakes, but I was really happy to eat anything. And now I'm full, so that's good. So here's my question: Should I consider peanut butter and jelly a sweet? I sometimes have a half a pb&j on white bread for dessert (don't judge), and it's certainly sweet. I didn't have one today, I'm still deliberating on whether it counts or not. I'm really glad there's so much fruit here, hopefully I'll get used to the whole fruit-as-dessert thing.


  1. Babe, you aren't going to make it all the way through if you start giving up things like jelly. Not that I don't think you are capable, but that is too limiting.

  2. A pb&j isn't a sweet. It can't be, because I eat it for lunch all the time, and if we redefine it as a sweet I'm up the creek.

  3. well raisins can easily substitute for jelly, but you both make good points