Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My life is officially as shaky as a fiddler on the roof-I didn't watch the Best in Show for the Westminster Dog show. I once made my boyfriend cut our Valentines Day date short so I could get home to see this dog show, but it just wasn't in the cards this year. I took my life in my hands by commandeering the house tv Monday night, Wilson girls love their Gossip Girl, and it was very awkward trying to explain why I should hold precedence over ten girls that have been living in the house, watching what they want all year. I was determined though, and so I got to see the Hounds, Terriers, and Non-Sporting, before I gave up and went to bed, missing the Herding group. I thought about trying again last night, I couldn't think of any wildly popular Tuesday night shows, but it isn't the same watching the show by myself. A few girls wandered ina nd out Monday night, but they weren't interested in the show at all. Last year I watched the whole thing on the crappy Steuben common room tv. You had to change channels manually, and the button would stick or not work, it was kind of frustrating, especially because I didn't know the stations, so I had to surf around. The first night I watched with Clarence and Chelsea, we ate dried apricots and colored on coloring pages I had printed out for the occasion. It was a lot of fun, people would wander by and some of them actually sat and watched with us for a bit. There was one international student that watched most of the show with us. Clarence didn't come the second night, but Chelsea watched a bit more with me, in an instance of being a good friend that it would be churlish to not acknowledge.
I love Smith, I really do. Most of the time, 97% of the time, I'm just amazed at how happy I am to be here. Still, there is that 3% when I have some downtime and I realize that I don't have any friends here. None. I'm not even really pally with the other transfers anymore. There's always something to do, so it isn't a problem a lot of the time, but I'm a little nervous about what I'm going to do with myself this weekend. There aren't any good movies playing at the theater in town, and I don't feel comfortable taking the PVTA by myself. The transfers are all leaving to visit their boyfriends, so they aren't even available in a pinch. The dog show kind of reminded me of what I gave up when I left Geneseo. Things weren't great there, even at my most nostalgic I remember feeling isolated and lonely, but I had people that cared about me, and now I don't. I'll be fine, it's just hard to come in mid-year, but right now things are sort of lonely.

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