Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

I can't tell if I'm disagreeing with everything Ruth says because I honestly disagree, or because I find her so unpleasant that I take pleasure in being difficult. Probably both. I know I should just ignore it, but honestly, who hates brunch? She says she hates brunch. They had an amazing brunch today, with chocolate chip pancakes and baked apples, and she was moaning about how the food here is so awful and she only likes Ethiopian food. It's annoying. I really cannot abide negative people. And I'm not making mountains out of molehills here, because she also insists that there's nothing to do at Smith, which is just plain wrong. There is SO much to do here, she just doesn't try at all. There are other things, she thought it would be funny to hit on an Ethiopian guy in the dining hall in front of his girlfriend because she thinks Ethiopian men shouldn't date white women and it would make the girlfriend feel insecure, even though she has a boyfriend, so it was just stirring up trouble to be a jerk. And she talks on the phone during meals. All in all, I don't like her. And I think I'm going to make a greater effort to make non-transfer friends, because I don't have anything in common with these girls. They were fine at first, but it isn't working out.
Spring is coming, it's in the air today. (Play the song while you read this bit, it's what's playing in my head. Yes, I'm pretentious.) I wore my rugby jacket to Mass today, and I'm sorely tempted to go running outside. I love spring so much, it really is my favorite season. I like that I transferred for the spring semester, it's a waking up sort of time, and I feel like I'm waking up too. I would have days (not a lot, but a few) at Geneseo where I felt like if I made my bed I had accomplished something. I have homework today, and I'm going to run four miles, (I know it isn't far, but you have to build up from somewhere.) and I have work tonight. These are little tiny baby steps, but I'm moving in the right direction. I sort of thought about just hopping on a PVTA bus last night, just to see where it would take me, which was the sort of thought I had at Geneseo a lot. The difference though, is that before I wanted to run away, but now I want to explore and come back with stories.

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