Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thin and Girl Culture

I didn't feel ready to do my homework, so I decided to go see the rest of the "Thin and Girl Culture" exhibit at SCMA. I had seen some of it before, but only for a few minutes, as I had shown up right before they closed. It didn't bother me that much then, but I could hardly stand it today. I had to stop reading the stories next to the photographs, I was worried about throwing up. It was really awful, I was sweating I was so agitated. I didn't want to leave though, I felt very strongly about sticking through and seeing everything there. My professor told us to go to the exhibit, but she said she would understand if we couldn't for personal reasons, as the images are very disturbing. I don't like being That Girl though, the one that couldn't take it. I was one time, I excused myself from class in...seventh? eighth grade? when we were supposed to watch Schindler's List, and I've always felt a little embarrassed about it. So I forced myself to look at every picture.
There were a lot of upsetting ones, but the ones that sort of struck me were the spring break pictures. They were from Panama City in Florida, and that's where Geneseo people do spring break. I've seen pictures just like those, except on Facebook, not in an exhibit with a big unspoken BAD sign. The boys look like normal boys that I could know, like they could be in Sammy's...or on rugby. It freaked me out. I don't approve of the whole Spring Break culture, I think it's gross. People go away and are drunk for a straight week, and then come home with bronchitus and infect the whole campus. I didn't really think it was BAD though, just stupid. I don't think of those guys that I know, the doubles for the men in the photographs, as BAD and objectifying of women, just sort of doofy and not always nice. The boy in the picture in the dark shorts looks so much like Marco, even if it isn't him.
I wish I was at winter 7s today, instead of going to that stupid exhibit. I would much rather spend a day playing rugby with my wonderful ruggers, and then go to the Geneseo Invisible Children Displace Me than see pictures of sick women that hate themselves and go to a stupid party at Jordan House by myself.
I really resent the Smith rugby team for not being as nice as the Geneseo team. I don't care about winning, the Smith team is great techniquely, but I was really hoping they would be a source for friends and so far they aren't. They all hang out, they're a very bonded team, but that doesn't do me any good as long as they don't invite me. I wish I had a rookie class.
That stupid exhibit has really put me out of sorts.


  1. I'm not sure why you're so upset about the exhibit. Because it portrays people who look like people you know in a negative light? Do you think it's unfair?

  2. no, it's fair. i was upset about the exhibit because the eating disorder stories were sad and sick and disturbing. i didn't like the spring break pictures because it made things that i took to be normal seem bad, which is unsettling.

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean about the eating disorder photos being disturbing. But as for the Spring Break stuff, I can't say that seems like a bad thing. Objectification of women, binge-drinking, and general irresponsibility are all bad things in my book.

    (My book is called "Grad School: The No-Fun Guide to Spending Your Early 20s in Abject Misery")