Saturday, February 14, 2009


I was planning on sleeping until brunch today (so like 10:50, giving myself ten minutes to get dressed and so on), but Nicole called me at 10. My phone ringer is super loud, I almost hit the ceiling when it went off. It was great talking to Nicole, especially because I had been worrying that every time she had said she never expected to see me again (after CIT year of camp, and at various other times) she actually meant "This is it, stop calling me.". It's easy to feel paranoid when you don't have a lot of direct human contact for extended periods of time, but I feel bad for doubting her. It was a great phone conversation, Nicole is very good at putting me back on balance. I told her about Smith, and she told me a bit about Geneseo, and then we hung up and both went to brunch. Talking to Nicole actually helped me feel confident enough to approach some rugby girls and ask to eat with them. She pointed out that we weren't always friends, so I must have some friend-making abilities, which makes sense.
I don't really have a plan on the day, I should do some homework I guess, and I need to go to the gym. I might also go back to the SCMA to see the rest of the Thin exhibit. There is always something to do, even if it is just sitting in my window seat reading my library books. I feel much better today, things are good.

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