Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lazy Day

It's weird how small things are so important. I really appreciate it when strangers are nice to me. The night before I came to Smith I got Jim's Steakout for dinner and the guy there was really friendly. It didn't cost him anything, but I was freaking out about school, so it meant a lot. I split the knee of my jeans today, and I felt really uncomfortable going to church with holes in my pants. I felt like everyone was looking disapprovingly at my knees, it was very awkward. The guy passing out the Communion wafer gave me a big smile though, which made me feel like one hundred dollars. It was a little nothing, but it was one of the nicer things that happened to me this weekend. (I didn't have an awful weekend, it was just nice of him to smile at me.) I can sometimes do that, people have told me before that my smiling at them was really encouraging or cheering, but it's sort of risky, some people don't appreciate the gesture and think you're a creeper.


  1. Why are you going to church in jeans anyway? Ripped or not, don't you have anything else to wear?

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