Sunday, February 22, 2009


I went to my first Smith party last night. I had pretty low expectations, but it was pretty fun. There was a long line, I waited outside in the cold for forty minutes, but it wasn't too bad. I went with a rugby girl from my house. She's nice enough, and I was really appreciative of her letting me tag along with her. There weren't very many boys, and they weren't very cute, but I danced with some rugby girls. I wanted to dance with a boy, and one finally came over towards the end of the night. He had already made out with another girl from the team, and he was dripping sweat. It was gross, he got his sweat all on me. I danced with him anyway, but it wasn't that nice. The nicer part of the evening was when the party ended and we went back to this girl's apartment. We hung out for a couple of hours, and it was very chill and nice. It was what I wanted from rugby, I don't need amazing exciting goings on, I just like having people to talk to and hang out with. They dubbed me "Geneseo", which isn't that creative a nickname, but I don't mind it. My especial favorite girl was the one that had made out with the boy I danced with. She's very fierce and sort of intimidating, but so so nice. She said I could call her whenever I want and we can hang out, even if it's just sitting together while we do homework. AND she likes men, so she said we would find men's rugby to watch sometime. It was very nice.

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